Monday, May 17, 2004

Of all things...

Ayyee... I took the train in this morning to work, which was a liberating experience by the way. I don't make it a habit usually to check out the people on the train unless I have nothing to write/read or I'm really bored. I did notice that there was this guy ahead of me who kept on looking back at me. I didn't make eye-contact I just kept on writing. On his way out the train he stopped near my seat and asked me... "Is your name, Imogene?"
I instantly recognized him as this guy I had an encounter with last year. Maybe I'll go into the embarrassing details of how I ended up in a fling with the SmarChucks counterboy later when I have the time. For obvious reasons, let's call him Joe.
"Hi, Joe. How are you doing?"

Now Joe is nearly ten years younger than I. The brief entanglement with him lasted about three weeks. Essentially, I ended up breaking up with him because he was terribly clingly... almost in a creepy way. While other women my age may take advantage of a twenty something guy fawning all over them. It was just a little unappealing to me for a number of reasons. In Joe's case it really creeped me out that he was taking too much of an interest in getting to know my friends or hanging out in my social scene...immediately.

"Uh, do you usually take the train at this time?" I asked wanting to note when I should take the train in the future.
Before he got of the train he smiled at me with creepy, spacy sort of grin and noted that I should come and visit him for some coffee?! Shit, I wish I had said I was married with twins on the way.


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