Wednesday, May 05, 2004

One of the advantages of a company that houses it's employees in cubicles and doesn't offer a lounge area for it's employees are that employees are forced to socialize in the aisles. Their social activity is visible and audible to everyone including the managers and so basically you're forced to cut things short automatically because you know you're being heard. And this is fine, I suppose because you expect your employees to work hard.

I spoke earlier about La Perruque which is basically the poor or working man's revenge against his employers, by using company time and resources to their advantage. I've figured that the more people who are unhappy with their work situation. The more they will try to steal time back. Hence if they cannot fulfill the need to be social they will look for other avenues. I walk by a few people's desks and notice that they have "IM" or "Instant Messaging" devices on. I write periodically in this blog and check responses from others. This is social activity pure and simple.


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