Thursday, May 27, 2004

Prayer to the God of Employment


I know that I have to have faith in myself and abilities because I can't expect anyone else to do so, but can I get some points here for working in a place where it seems that everything I do, unless I hide it from the people above me, is questioned? Do you think I could get some points for trying to keep my self-esteem intact despite this? Am I asking for too much? I know that there are tons of people out there who would tell me that I should just bite it and take it. Do you think that there is a place where I can work without having someone riding my ass because they've been trained to fear retribution from Schloki the god of micromanagement?

You know I've just about had it with this downer 'risk-aversive' environment I'm working in. I mean I don't mean to complain too much, but I know that there are better places to work. Sure, I may not get paid as much, and though I've been painfully afraid of becoming one of those poor souls who becomes so disenchanted with the corporate slave mill that she declares that she would rather work for peanuts for some non-profit organization... I really think that there must be a better place beyond this employment purgatory that I'm in right now. Am I too idealistic to believe that we can succeed and be happy in a career without becoming completely predatory or succumbing to the notion that we must have all of the Protestant Work Ethic for Nothing shoved down our throats.

I know that many of us are afraid to speak up and address the fact that in many cases that the ministries of hr and upper-management view us as expendable. They might even believe that they can hold the threat of outsourcing over our heads like an anvil, they might even realize that manipulating our fear to speak out to their advantage and push us to our limits. But I do believe that in the long run the bottom line only serves those people who sit at the top and maybe the few of us who remain after the bouts of cannibalism and downsizing. And though I know that there is reasonably a certain amount of darwinism in business, I still believe that this quest for the 'bottom-line' has become somewhat perverted to the extent that the powers that be cannot see the long-term consequences. This whole idea of only the strong survive seems like a plausible one, and I hate to sound simplistic and just as cold, but when only the strong are left, what will they eat? Each other?

I want to scream... DIDN'T YOU READ THE FUCKING 'LORAX' WHEN YOU WERE A KID?... but then again they would accuse me of being nothing but a liberal idiot. Somehow it just seems like common sense.

Thank you for your time.

Your humble servant,



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