Monday, May 03, 2004

Queen of Heaven

Speaking of pregnancy...

Do you ever wonder if that pre 1950 some mother of eleven who was expecting her twelfth child, ever sat in church and looked up at the statue of the Holy Mother and said to herself… Virgin birth my ass! She had it made having one kid. *

I wonder if Mary ever thought… Is that all? I don’t even think I had an orgasm.

I can imagine Mary speaking to god off-hand.

Uh, lord and savior… I really appreciate you picking me, I’m mean it’s quite an honor and all, but you see could you at least give me a little help and tell me how I"m going to explain this SHIT to my husband!

Of course if I believed in hell, I would probably be there right now.

It's not really right I suppose... making fun of Catholics because of all the stress the church must be under right now. In fact, I often think that they whole catholic schtick may be a little outdated or cliche. You don't hear to many bad jokes about Mormons.

*Supposedly some lesser know biblical sources claim that Jesus had brothers and sisters… meaning that Mary and Joseph did get it on… come on. Do you think that Joseph would have been… eh, my step-son is the son of god… so I think I can pass on the sex.. I mean I guess I can consider myself blessed.


More about the bads of the Church... I'm about as tired of hearing about the bad things that priests did as I am hearing about Michael Jackson's terrible exploits. More, I guess I'm a bit tired of the media ringing the dinner bell with every single tasty tid-bit that comes out. You know I'm not belittling the victims of the abuse and what they had to endure. I'm simply saying... that we all knew about this to some extent. It was not a big revelation... for years people have been accusing the Church and Michael Jackson of sexual abuse. It's not like it's all new news.(Well, you must admit the Catholic church sort of had a head start on Pop-tart king).

If anything good has come out of all of this (and with the progression of time and the changing of values) it's that we can actually talk about the abuse in public and that the victims can have a change to confront their attackers and begin to attempt to heal or even sue for the hurt that they endured. We often think that hearing about such horrible things is a terrible shock, and that our ears and minds were so unsullied to begin with, but to live in a world where you are so deaf and blind to the existance of all the unsightly horrors that exist in this world, to me, seems to be just as bad as knowing that they exist and doing nothing to stop them. Though in most cases we can do nothing. Why must we feel guilty if their is nothing we can do? Can we not just have compassion for the victims of any misfortune? Can we live our lives with enough consideration for the people around us, and be good citizens?


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