Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Ran a search on google for mental office girl and I found an telling book(http://www.book.nu/0446531324)... Already from reading the reviews I can tell where I need to change. I need to take credit for my accomplishments as well as look for opportunities to get make new and better ones.

When I started writing this blog I had some really bad misconceptions about what it takes to be successful in business. I assumed that I had to be a certain way, fit into the mold of that perfect, perfect woman who wears crisp cornflower blue Ann Taylor shirts. This is someone who purchases her produce by what she will eat on each day (two plums on monday, one gala apple on tuesday, three apricots on wednesday...). I was reading the what is so funny blogger's post and he further illustrates what I'm taking about when he refers to his peppy Harry & David cubicle neighbor.

I was so sure that that was not what I was or wanted to become, but I had to respect that those women who made up that quintessential office girl were only being who they were- what they are. I should instead be happy with who I am (crazy office girl who grabs her produce with abandon) and realize that I can come to the table with many gifts/skills. Ultimately, I will be more content where I feel like I fit in... a smaller company, or some community or education-oriented business.


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