Saturday, May 08, 2004


Running some errands this morning, I walked to the Freddies nearby to pick up some packing tape and the ingredients for tomorrow's brunch. The mangoes were not so hot, so I had to make some substitutions with the fruit salad skewers, kiwi's bananas, apples and tangerines (I'll roll each skewer in a mixture of sugar, toasted and ground sesame seeds, and coconut).

Unfortunately my mother will not be here for Sunday as she's had to fly to Tahoe to visit my auntie who has fallen very ill. It was a bit hard watching my mother as I dropped her off at the airport because I knew she was worried for auntie as she had just lost her job as a hotel maid and had no money for the hospital bills. Perhaps too, she was reminded of her own mortality as she mused out loud about the legacy of health issues prevalent in her family. It has always seemed to me that her's was the happier side though they tend to be more short-lived that my father's relatives. I developed this belief that cranky/ornery/and worry was what kept the elders in my father family ticking. They would worry about everything from money to social appearance. If this is what it costs to grow old, I would trade in for a shorter and happier existence.
This aunt of mine has had a very hard life and through it all she has never lost her her sense of of kindness, compassion and understanding. She and my mother are extremely close and she is one of the few remaining of my mother's seven siblings.

As I was leaving the store, the rain started coming down pretty hard. Bad weather sometimes offers us opportunities to do the things we never get to do but always want to. I sheltered in the coffeshop and bought a Saturday times and read it front to back. Kerry looked rather Lurch-like, but I'm voting for him anyway. I wonder how many pictures have been taken of George with is mouth ajar... the one featured in the Times today is no exception from the monkeyed expressions he usually offers the press. Olsen twins and Eugene Levy in a film together? Unless they grow mermaid fins and swim away into China's chemically impregnated waters, I'm going to pass on this one. Brad Pitt's, Achilles is... heterosexual?? Hello... what happened to good old faithful and loyal Patrcolus? I did want to see this movie because I'm a fan of Illiad lore (yes, say it because I know I'm a... GEEK!) Friends is over and I'm celebrating! Hurray! Hurray and boombah! And their ratings still didn't surpass the last episode of MASH.


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