Thursday, May 13, 2004

Wax-on Wax-off

So I just had a television moment... (this is my way of having epiphanies, as a post-mod t.v. baby). Remember when Bart Simpson was shipped away on an exchange program to France (this episode was from years and years ago). Poor little Bart was sent to the French country-side to live with a slave-driving French family who forced him to live in misery and taunted him for his inability to converse in French. After weeks of abuse (in French), Simpson awoke one morning and finally realized that he could retort back in French, fluidly and effortlessly.

This is how I felt today after successfully completing my second animation in flash... with action scripting... See.. I told you I could program!!!... sort off.

I'll tell you one thing though. I would not have been able to successfully learn how to complete these items if I had had to follow the rigid scheduling and forced myself to learn in 'record' time. I had to force my time and make sacrifices of other items in my repertoire of things to do. I put my to do list on hold. I am fairly sick of being expected to effectively learn how to do complex tasks and skills which require some time to absorb and even experimentation to apply. Despite all of this, I was able to learn without too many impediments just lack of time. And I didn't have some irritating French people yelling at me along the way.

Kiss my brown ass .

Ooops... my dayplanner finally showed up. Someone brought it to my cube. He seemed pretty puzzled... I wonder if he or anyone else had read it because it actually took several weeks to get back to me...I'd nearly filled it out anyway before I lost it... I wonder if they read the doodle that I wrote in the quarterly meeting.

I'm tired of people telling me that things are a waste of time.

I'm tired of working with squares.

I'm tired of people using only concrete decisions and not making proper use of their intuition.

or from my written dialogue with a co-worker...

Most of the men in this building could qualify as contestants for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Ooops... can I get fired for insulting people in the privacy of my planner? well, I didn't give away any company secrets.


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