Friday, June 04, 2004

A final note for today

DO NOT stay in a job (too long) if you're ONLY reason for staying is the paycheck. Always have a plan for something better.

As I sat in my meetings with my supervisor today... as we poured over the details of responsibilities and tasks that are planned for the next quarter, I realized why I'm leaving this job or why I'm planning to leave as soon as possible:
-I don't feel valued.
-I don't feel trusted,
-and I don't feel that my skills and talents are being put to good use.

It's pretty hard to come into work realizing that you have the desire to influence change and make creative contributions to the materials and products being developed and discover that your values lies mainly in scheduling outlook appointments and building tables for content in word (cut and paste baby).

Yes, all you skeptics and fear-mongers... I know AGAIN, I should be happy that I even have a job, but why should I be doomed to feeling depressed when I come into work? Why should I not consider that there are better things out there?


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