Wednesday, June 23, 2004


I was just sent an e-mail response copied by my manager. Looks like... I got the job.

I am really amazed... bowled over. I'm pretty psyched.

Here you may be thinking, what is our anti-heroine getting herself into? Shouldn't she be taking other steps. Shouldn't she be searching for opportunities in another world, maybe one less governed by the madness driven by nothing more than 'the bottom line?'

I'm planning, the wheels are churning within. I'm still concocting a plan to leave. If anything I might be able to walk away with experience and plently of material for my writing as Krawdadee pointed out earlier. I will do what I can, learn what I can, and keep plugging on.

I have entertained the fear that I will become one of those people who has been entirely sucked in to this company, perhaps one of those 'lifers' which frightens me because, because I don't want to become so inflexible, so unsuited for life in the REAL WORLD. Really, when comes down to it you don't owe your job any fealty. Company loyalty is a concept that grows more and more obsolete each day. After all, they don't seem to be showing us any loyalty by moving many of our jobs overseas.


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