Monday, June 14, 2004


Aye, being interviewed over the phone has only one advantage. You can wear your scrubbies. Well, I suppose you can wear them if you want. I was feeling a little worn when I woke up this morning so I tried to energize myself with a quick walk around the building before the interview. Despite all of this, my interview went fairly well... at least I walked away from it with a good feeling. I was slightly tongue tied with the first question, but I think my flash work actually appealed to them. And they seemed to respond well to my answers to their questions (behavioral interview questions). We'll see.


Oy, looks like Courtney Cox named her kid... Coco... Coco Cox Arquette.
What the f? Did she want the other children to confuse her with a Dr. Seuss character?
I mean the name sounds like a fricking cereal.
Just another example of celebrity retardation.

Are you cuckoo for Coco cox?


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