Monday, June 21, 2004

No garden gnomes, please

I've been gardening a lot lately. I started a patch in the back about a month before I moved all my stuff into my new house. The floors have been finished, thanks to j, and we've moved the bulk of our belongings in. It just feels great.

This whole gardening thing is quite new to me. I have to confess that I get some sort of satisfaction from it, from the physical labor to watching things grow. Just think a few months ago I was so adamant about buying a condo so I could skip the yardwork. Am I transforming into something strange, a persona that was so foreign to me six months ago... am I becoming domestic? What happened to my dedication to a life of debauchery, A free life where I had no ties? Was I in denial this entire time. I still refuse to buy that shitty patio furniture from Sears. There's something about the stuffed vinyl chair padding with nutbrown or floral patterns that still makes me feel soiled.


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