Thursday, June 03, 2004

Training Hobbits?

I rode the MAX into work today and brought along some professional reading with me... just to get it over with. I've decided that much of this corporate training stuff is about as fascinating as insurance law. Yes, I understand the importance of training, but couldn't the reading material associated with it have a little more depth and maybe some human interest. After reading 1/2 through the training eval book by Kilpatrick, I picked up the Mager book on Instructional objectives. I've reviewed much of this before for my teaching degree, but it's good to scan over things so that you can talk the lingo ( I think I just made myself ill). The thing is I couldn't get past the illustrations in the books... the people looked too much like the saucer-eyed characters in the Rankin Bass production of the Tolkien stories. Funny how artwork can influence your perception and reception of reading material. I am so superficial.


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