Tuesday, June 01, 2004

White Trash Russian (the drink) and Raffe on Ice

After moving in most of my belongings, I sat on the porch steps of my new home and had me one of these (this is pretty sickly sweet):

1/2 shot Kahula
1 shot Vanilla Stoli
8 oz Diet Coke (or regular Coke... a can of diet was all I had)
Cracked ice

We still have to stain and varnish the floors, but then after that we will unleash the interior desecrator beast. Hopefully I will not do so under the influence. I was flipping through the channels on the radio station and hit 1450 my favorite morning radio show (the kiddie hour) and I almost flipped past it because I mistook it for one of those Christian radio stations. Now sometimes Christian music sounds a little too much like kiddie music... maybe because often times it's trying to 'teach' us something. Then again, as J pointed out a lot of kiddie music sounds like it was written and sung by hippies.


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