Thursday, June 17, 2004

You may have heard of this

I'm just sitting here, refusing to do anymore work, refusing to get into the traffic with the rest of the herd.

This week someone shared a very nice story with me, it was paraphrased in a graduation speech this year (where I have no idea). I guess I will paraphrase the story again, since I couldn't find evidence of it anywhere with Google. The story went something like this:

On the day of the final exam of an undergraduate philsophy course, the professor simply asked all the students to answer one question: "What is the meaning of life." While most of the students began furiously writing out their essays in paragraphs and pages, one student simply looked out the window and saw her classmates on the lawn playing in the sunshine. She wrote one sentence to pass in to her professor, and it simply stated that she was going outside to enjoy the day. The student, Gertrude Stein, received an A.

I know that this is a very simple story and we can marvel at the simplicity of its truth or we can appreciate that Stein's answer belongs in the hall of fame of one line essays, but I need to hear things like this every once and a while so that I don't get sucked into the vortex here at work.


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