Friday, July 09, 2004

3 versions of the same e-mail

Version One:

I fail to understand why you cannot find things on your own and rely on me to hold your hand through everything. Your incessant dependance on my assistance is driving me fucking insane! The item you requested is in the folder you requested at the link you initially requested. Please learn to find things on your own.

Version Two:
I have included the file locations of the documents you requested below.

I feel that you should post the new files yourself because this will help you understand the folder structure better; thus allowing you to find things on your own.

Version Three (Final Version):
I didn’t put the regular documents here (word docs and powerpoint) as we don’t want the public to have access to them. The regular documents are still in the shared drive labeled xxxx (path= F://Upload/Career/Knowledge). Also, provided you are okay with using the new website as your place to share documents with contributors. You can start putting them in the folders. This may help you become more acquainted with the structure and location of the folders. I have included a table that describes both the folder locations and contents; however if you need to, you can refer to the descriptive page at **link here** for your reference,


Folder Name
Path from Home Page
XYZ Library

(Documents ==>File XYZ)

Contains development folders and rev. information for all projects. AVAILABLE only to XXX team and contributors.

Current Project Development Folder

(Documents ==>Current Proj. Development)

Contains all project documents currently being updated. AVAILABLE only to content experts who are currently contributing to development.


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