Friday, July 02, 2004

Buttoned down Imogene?

I have been told that I'm spending a little too much time talking about work-processes (okay, bitching about them). Maybe I'm becoming one of those droning people I could not stand at one point who did nothing but bitch about their work and the retards they work with. Oh, god this is what I've metamorphis-whatevered into?

So what should I talk about instead?

I did spend some cash on some comedy CD's. Everyone is telling me that I can get everything off the internet for free. There's something so un-capitalistic about that to me. Or do I still simply have living inside me that seven year old kid who was deathly afraid of getting caught stealing gumballs and unicorn erasers from the student store at school?

So not to meander over to a different subject, but I purposely bought the cd's to enjoy and to learn from. I have a collection of Pryor and Carlin, but you know I must confess I'm growing a little weary of the wise ass form of expression (not that I cannot appreciate the genius of Pryor and Carlin's works). So I purchased a collection of Bob Newhart's stories. There is something I just love about his interpretations of situations as well as his unassuming awkward persona. The one time I did try doing stand up, I noticed that I got more of a response from the audience when I just flat out acted like the dork that is myself. On a side note, I discovered yesterday that I am one of the biggest geeks in our aisle.***

I did start working a bit on my list. But I realize this time around I want to focus a little more on delivery. Last time I did this in front of a crowd I was a little angry I'll admit. For one, a good deal fo my last break up was ringing through my performance and 10% of my motivation came from wanting to prove that I could do it to a few people who I felt were skeptical (which I'll admit that was misguided and wrong). I think the Emcee snidely commented by thanking me for my rendition of the Vagina Monologues. My reply to him... well, you can choke on a tube of KY.

Sometimes I look at what I write in this blog and I think, that's not funny at all. But a while ago I decided that I was simply going to write what I felt like writing about and not care whether it was funny or not. Besides, good or no, I've discovered that I can be pretty funny incidentally. Sometimes when I'm writing in this blog I have these regressive moments that pull me back into the insecurity of my childhood or adolescence. There unfortunately, is still this voice inside me that says... "Don't write that... everyone else will think you're stupid." The adult in me goes ahead and does it anyway, but there are times when I want to take my inner child and give her a good healthy beating.

*** No, I don't speak Klingon, or dress like my favorite comic book character when I go to the movies alone.


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