Friday, July 09, 2004

Don't you hate it...

when you're in a bad situation (work-wise or love-wise) and there's always some pessimist who always will say something like: "Well, it can't be much better anywhere else, cause life sucks."

Then there's the passive aggressive individual who hems and haws when anyone makes a statement challenging or questioning things.

Worst of all there's the false (or deluded) optimists, like my supervisor, who will say things like, "Look on the bright side..." "Things will get better around the corner."

Me, I can't accept the fact that things get better on their own. And I will not assume that I will always have to work with people who lack insight, creativity, or rely on dysfunctional and manipulative ways of dealing with others. I may not be able to avoid individuals who are like this; however, I can still try my best to seek out the company of good people. I am looking forward to working with a new group of people, learning about them, working with a new set of customers, and learning a new set of rules. I get bored easily when I have to work on routine tasks, and if left to my own devices I can become somewhat destructive and disruptive. I suppose I can be considered the Australian Shepherd of office workers... no, maybe Jack Russell is more accurate.

This week. I spent a great deal of time polishing up this course I've been working on, and it feels great. I think I've actually put something together that I can be proud of. It was quite a process learning how to put things together from the conceptualization of the class, to the design of the layout and flow, the coordination of color schemes and graphics/icons, writing and editing the support documentation and reference text, to the programming of scripts, and finally the usability testing.

I had to take a great deal of my personal time to learn all of these things and then put together a project that I could take some pride in. It's not perfect, but I didn't have the time to make things exactly how I wanted them, without sacrificing my time with the people I love and care for. At times, working this job, with this group and under the shadow of outsourcing looming over all of our heads... I really felt pissed at anyone in a 'suit' who sat high enough to make decisions purely on the basis that it was all good for the bottom line. How dare they insist that I train someone to replace me on the other side of the globe. I was plain sick of feeling undervalued, and as I watched a few folks in other groups train their replacements with sunny attitudes, I just wanted to throttle those dunkoffs in finance screaming, "You just don't get it do you? It's simply over your head because you can see past the straight line that is drawn between the problem and the difference."

This department that I'm leaving continues to hire people both here and overseas who fit a certain ethnic profile. Of course, this is only my perception, and I could be completely wrong. I would speculate that the management has been hiring people, who albeit may be skilled, are people who will 'go with the flow' or follow the schemes of PHB's or Pointy Haired Bosses without question. I felt it was, therefore, only appropriate that I sat in the Friday staff meeting today reading a book titled Don't Make Me Think (a good book on usuability studies, by the way). Though it makes little difference because the management (in this group) doesn't value usability studies as effective tools in creating quality tools for the end user... I guess it really doesn't matter how our web tools work or whether or not we want customers to come back and use them... they're just our customers their opinion is of little consequence to us... this is why I MUST LEAVE!!!! They just don't get it...

There are days when I feel that the world seems to be run by people and bodies who are devoid of any real thought and incapable of seeing things from a bigger picture perspective, but then I work in a corporate environment so I should know better, and not expect that things work otherwise. I should caution myself here shouldn't I because I'm starting to sound like that pissy-pessimist. I have to remember that I need to get past this sour attitude because it's view like that that contribute to an atmosphere of stagnancy and rot.


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