Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy enough not to get tied down by the overly sentimental nature of this holiday

After breakfast today, I took the dog on a walk around my neighborhood and I noticed that all was strangely quiet for a Fourth of July Day. I've always associated the Fourth with what I refer to as Sentimental Holidays such as Valentines Day, and New Years. Sentimental Holidays pose a sore spot for many single people who are obsessed with the idea of being in a relationship. Some may argue that Christmas and Thanksgiving should be added to this list of sentimental holidays; however, I consider these holidays to be more or less my-family-is-allowed-to-give-me-a-guilt-beating-day. Mothers' and Fathers' days are also guilt-days where you're supposed to feel indebted to your parents for plopping your sorry caracass on to this earth and then leaving you to run with wolves in the public school system. The only safe holiday (safe from any emotional obligation) in my book is Arbor Day. Though you could argue that on this day you could be made to feel guilty for the insensitive use of countless disposable products which support the cutting down and destruction of thousands of trees, and you also might feel guilty for actually not planting a tree (which is what you are supposed to do on Arbor Day. The only holidays which we can consider 'fun' holidays are Halloween and Carnival. In the Catholic tradition these are two "Holy" days in which living in wild abandon sanctioned. In some cultures sexual liasons out of wedlock were not frowned on by society if they happen on these days.

Fourth of July is a unique holiday, as it seems to be the holiday where you feel obligated to 'get some.' This must be one of the horniest holidays (for Americans). Statistics have shown that more Americans are born during the months of March and April which would mean that their parents were getting busy around... July?

Me? I was happy just to be able to sleep in, water my garden, spend a little more time working on a web project I need to finish, bake an apriocot sponge cake, and generally sit on my ass and not have to talk to too many people and actually enjoy a few of these:

Boysenberry Lemonade (makes a half gallon)
On medium low heat simmer 2 pints of boysenberries with 2 c. sugar and 1 tbsp. lemon juice.Add a pinch of cinnamon. Let mixture cool for two hours. Run the berries through a sieve and save the juice. Add this juice to 1/2 gallon of lemonade (freshly made or frozen).Add 1 c. Raspberry or Strawberry Stoli. Enjoy in a tall chilled glass with crushed ice and a wedge of lemon and a fresh berry to garnish.

God bless America!


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