Sunday, July 11, 2004

House plant killer...

I'm trying not to be...

Here are a few links (for my reference and yours):

1.)! Right on! a database of hundreds of species of house and greenhouse plants. (Unfortunately you have to pay for a subscription to see the instructions for care of the plants... sigh, few good things are actually free).

2.) List of common species and their care. This would help if I actually knew the names of the plants I have. Your average superstore or home improvement outlet often fails to provide you with this.

3.) Don't have a sunny spot for your plants. Bromeliads (which are becoming increasingly popular) seem to do well in these areas. If you have an older home these plants are great. Older homes don't have giant picture windows to let in an abundance of sunlight (and they weren't originally fit with airconditioners either.)

4.) Houseplants: Basic information on house plants and the common pests that threaten them.

Honorable mention:
You Grow Girl (nicely designed site)- good reading


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