Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I wonder...

***Is it possible for someone who has multiple personality disorder to go into a blackout in which their other personalities takes over... say for a year or so? Don't you think it would suck if they awoke one day and discovered that one of their subs decided to have a sex change?

***Do they photoshop Oprah's head on different bodies for the cover of her magazine? How much does she spend on her teeth? WhyYouSuck Guy has a funny bit on Oprah's remedy for gas (stinky farts). I cannot post links to his site (whyyousuck.net):

oprahs wind free
this just in. oprahs stock just shot up 20% after it was found that she has started taking a japanese pharmacudical that cancels out the smell of gas(farting). as we have seen her tv show was on the brink of destruction as she had to start shooting it with her inside of an interrogation booth for fear of the audience turning to rage(the same farts were used in 28 days later on the chimps).


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