Thursday, July 15, 2004

Last week at work

Days 4 & 5: We take a break (from the zucchini)

Tuesday,I think we had shredded zucchini in our salad. Yesterday J couldn't bring himself to eat anymore so he french boiled some green beans and made a nice dressing from olive oil, lemon zest, garlic, pepper and parsley.

It is officially my last week here, if you consider the week being seven days long. Considering the amount of time we are required (unofficially, of course) to work here, seven eight hour days are about equivalent to our work week. Though that is of course, only my opinion.

I am 'busy' copying these huge files over to our shared drive, so I've been passing the time in my cubicle tearing off all the old Dilbert cartoons from my calendar and sorting them by:

- Doesn't relate to my life here
- Sort of relates to my life here
- What? I can see myself drawn into the cartoon

Nice, huh? Anyone else got any good suggestions for passing the time on your last week at work?

Ahhhhh, ahhhhh... the dragon in the cube behind me has started revving her fiery mouth. I can hear her clearing her throat. I've got to grab my trusty headsets. I really do think that I'm slowly going deaf because like I've said before in order to counteract the cacophany around me I must drown out the bad sounds with the sounds of my choosing. I wonder if fifteen or twenty years from now there will be a greater demand for hearing aids. I suppose I should invest in Miracle Ear before the deafness starts. Hopefully by then they will figure out a way to give us bionic ears or even install mp3 players in our brains.


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