Thursday, July 29, 2004

My new litany

You cannot worry too much about what others think.
You cannot worry about failing.
You can only do what your good at, and and do your best.
No one owes you anything except for courtesy, and you can’t expect even that.
Be nice, play nice, observe (for now)

I keep telling myself this every morning as I walk into the building.  In the past, I spent too much time worrying about how I did not fit into my old group, and also fearing that I wasn’t living up to their expectations. A genuine lack of trust held that group together with uncomfortably tight stitching. Management habitually did not relinquish control over projects even at the finest detail.  Recognition was not unheard of; however, people more often got rewarded for fighting fires rather than setting up solid and sound processes.

Somehow, I don't get the same uncomfortable feeling with this new organization that I got from the get go with PHB central. I think that there's a difference in both management style and understanding of long term goals and the big picture. 


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