Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Office Character #2: Girl with a face like a cat's ass

I'm not joking. There is a woman on our floor whose face is so scrunched up that you cannot tell if you're looking at a 'front' or a 'back.' I don't think she's a smiley or sort of happy person either because she never looks you in the eye (not that anyone else does that around here). And she's pretty rude about not holding the door to the ladies room for you on her way out. I have to wonder if in her case her facial features have affected her general demeanor.

I think it's really about time I left... I'm starting to become very irritated with people here because of their appearance. I mean she can't help it if her face looks like an anus.

Television and film have played a very big role in my upbringing and how I see and view people, so accordingly, today, I tried to decide whether working in this group was more like living the Manchurian Candidate or Hogans Heroes (except in a Chinese POW camp, but with a cast of similar personae). You're supposed to do as you're told here and "know very little." If you have any ideas and you're not in the right with the management, no one really listens. Mainly because we've got some pretty 'focused' individuals here that are not open to listening to other's suggestions. I think that this is a 'cultural' thing, and I feel a bit guilty for saying this. I think that there's a valid and acceptable way of putting things like this. Don't you?



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