Sunday, July 25, 2004

Prayer to the Dogs of Common Sense

Is it me or are people 'higher up' making a lot of short sighted decisions based soley on dollars and the bottom line? Is it me or are these people completely out of touch?

We have a new HR system which includes ( employee job search, posting of requisitions, paystub data tool, and much more). Our IT group farmed out the development of this system of tools to a branch in India (not that I have anything against India, and I will explain my position about outsourcing to India and other countries below. Now, it seems like common sense to me that they would study the people using the tool and also do extensive q & a as well as usability testing on something that is used by practically everyone in such a large company (tens of thousands). But I suppose that that is too much to ask because it costs more in time and experienced people (which India is short on). On top of this, no adequate training has been provided for using the tools, but again this costs money. It's cheaper to load the burden of learning and time needed on to the employees, after all they're all salaried anyway.

Moving jobs out of the country may be an inevitable thing. It only makes sense that once an industry is developed and fully formed that we pass it on to others in developing nations. While we focus our energies on innovation and development of new areas of industry. However, I honestly do believe that many of our corporations are run by a generation and breed of careless, self-serving, and amoral individuals, who are more interested in immediate returns than in building foundations and systems in industry that are more stable and yield for a longer period of time. Because their aim at ends are focused on the short term, the act quickly and with regard only for the 'bottom line' as they call it. So they've relocated jobs in droves to third world countries, but they did not give these budding areas time to grow or develop or even benefit from the knowledge of the employees at home.

I suppose no one including you is interested in hearing this anyway and the systems both economic and political are too badly meshed for anyone to affect any change, but then I've always considered prayer to be a form of mental and emotional masturbation.


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