Monday, July 19, 2004

Since I brought up the subject...

about women being 'dumb.' I think that I will finally admit that my ex was right when he said that men make just as many bad choices in their 20's as the women do, and that there are bad girls out there in abundance. And I will admit that in my own f'ed up fashion I may have been one of them... for a at least a little while.
I've watched friends of mine who date the most f'ed up manipulative people of either sex and some who just date people who (unwittingly or not) contribute to recurring pattern of their own self-destruction, and I've watched some of my younger friends who just need to date many people to understand what's right for them. It seems to me that some people will do what they must and date whom they want, regardless of whether it's a bad/wrong/destructive choice. There's no stopping them, and really there's no point in trying to interfere with their choices. You can only hope that eventually they'll learn and move up.
Whatever you do... never think it's too late.


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