Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Epilogue on the Village People Project

If you have not been following the recent events in my life. I was asked to participate in a ‘creative’ project at work where we recreated the the Village People’s YMCA on video to promote the rolling out of a new data tool. However, the popular acronym was replaced with D-A-T-A. How clever. I really spent most of this time torn between hating being there and then feeling like a heel because the other people seemed to be so excited about what was going on (except for the Irish guy, Finance Guy and Passive Aggressive Guy, who seemed just as embarrased as me). Please note the dialogue below is not based on real people or events except for the author herself.

Happy Marketing dude: Come one everyone, aren’t you all excited to be here?
Finance guy: You know we’re wasting valuable time here. Time-Money-Time-MONEY-MONEY-MONEY!
Imogene: (thinking) Hey, didn’t Billy Idol sing that?
Irish guy: (thinking) You all are a bunch of tossers
Passive Aggressive guy: (silence)
Imogene: I wish I were high... wait, did I say that out loud?

And, No, they didn’t have the Indian there (because that would be politically incorrect now wouldn’t it?). And believe me they repeated this fact over and over again throughout the process of the shoot… I know that the Car Alarms are Sensitive girl (Julia) would counter me here, but (whispering) White suburban people sort of freak me out. Here's a prefect example: the video production guy had two tattoes (one on each calf). One of a sun and another of a whale. What can be cooler than that? (How about a unicorn humping a dolphin?)

So I just went along with everything. I played the good little girl and danced trying desperately not to release a pained grimace all the while ... I constantly moved along the sidelines hoping that I would not be seen or captured on film, but of course you know I was in every single blasted shot. I did think it was rather ironic though that here I was with 5 very (supposedly) heterosexual men (half of whom did not know where the Village is) paying homage to the biggest gay icons on the planet.

Vive la femme, Everyone!


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