Tuesday, August 17, 2004

If you document your job into step by step procedures, your ass is grass


Apparently, someone finally picked up on this idea. However, there's a problem with this sort of thinking and basically it's this:

It fosters among the PARANOID and short-sighted a desire to hoard information and data about their jobs which may make other people's jobs easier to learn or do.

Unfortunately, this was the route taken by a branch of management from my old group. Therefore, they felt that it was necessary to maintain a large swelling brain blob creature of tribal knowledge packed into one monster project of a database (but of course this is only my perception - I know nothing!)

And you've most likely in your own experience with employment encountered groups which keep their gangly and unsightly procedures unkempt and undocumented so that they have that coveted job security. Working for these groups is like working as a node in the Ministry of Love.

The Harvard dudes interviewed in that Lerher interview in the above link may have a point about the ease of shipping out jobs that are easy to script or automate to India and China. They also observe that the jobs that require 'softer' and more 'complex' skills are safe here in the US. Unfortunately our education system is ill-equipped at teaching people to... uh, think... so basically, we're fucked.

They all said fuck liberal arts education, I believe.

Anarchy! Anarchy will rule.

(I'm a little dehydrated today - that's it).


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