Thursday, August 05, 2004

Village People at Work!?

I really like my new job so far…

But there’s a group here at my new job (by group I’m actually referring to one overly zealous employee) who has decided to promote a new process and by creating a promotional video with a skit done to the Village People song, YMCA. And, yes, somehow I have been recruited to participate in this. While I don’t mind role playing… I drew the line when they were asking me to play the role of “Construction Worker.” Was I wrong? I suppose I could feel guilty for not being a team player, but somehow I think that the whole concept is…. lame. More, I don’t feel that it’s right to ask me, someone who is very new to take part in an endeavor which I had little to with in the planning… and of course if I had something to do with this… I would not have had anything to do with the choice of music or genre.

Plus it’s just… lame.

Not that I’m down on the Village People. They certainly have their place in pop culture history, but they also have their place in the hearts of the frat-boyish mentality (ironically) that pervades corporate lamoid culture and I want no part in that. Am I wrong?


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