Monday, August 09, 2004

Why me?

I am supposed to be the construction worker… great, make me represent the underpaid and overworked. I think that this is their shot at pushing the diversity token and taking a rather lame shot at shattering a stereotype of construction workers as traditionally being male. Though it’s really quite ironic that they would try to do this as the Village People gimmick is based on the stereotype icons of maleness for obvious reasons. Maybe if I injure myself during the video I can call on the god of compensation.

How should I act? What should I do? Should I feign stupidity or even have some sort of phobic reaction on the set? (which most likely consists of an empty conference room and someone’s digital camera). Maybe the lighting will be super crappy so no one can see our faces and be able to recognize us from the video. I forgot my sunglasses and wig. This whole situation feels like it comes out of a Dilbert cartoon. I resent Scott Adams for making so much money at ripping on the humiliation and denegration we must undergo each day as denizens of corporate society.


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