Thursday, September 16, 2004

Can't speak the walk or walk the talk

I seriously can't present myself in a 'professional' fashion in meetings. I'm not a good speaker when it comes to presenting in the traditional 'effective' meeting format. Whenever it's my turn to speak a garbled mess ejects itself out of my mouth.. I stammer and come off sounding like a female Jimmy Stewart.

I could get up in front of a crowd and Emcee or sing at Kareoke, but I just cannot give a serious business presentation. I suppose I could attend the Toastmasters class, but I've decided that I would rehearse at home presenting on a few silly and stupid topics...

  • Evidence that The Reign of Geeks is Near Its End
  • The High Impact of Workschedules on the Suburban American's Desire to Procreate
  • PHB Seminar (How to deal with an extremely obtuse boss)

I had a strange dream a few days ago that I was working for John Dewey's office on a project team... understanding the value of the truth. After being involved in so many projects that are seemingly practical in value, I guess I was hungering for enganing in some activity that had more of an intrinsic value rather than a material one. So I decided to start a philsophy/discussion group with a few friends... here is the proposal I made (informal of course):

I’m just throwing out this idea, because I’m bored and feeling like the e-channel just isn’t as stimulating as it used to be.
Maybe I’ve gotten my fix from Dr. 90210 learning about botox junkies and ex-porn stars obessed over collagen and cadaver implants.

I’m thinking of starting a reading/discussion group… focused on reading and discussing works from philiosophers but tying their work to current events, humor, or pop-culture.

Is anyone interested in participating…? At least send me a reply and tell me if you think it’s a crazy ridiculous idea or not.

Reading list could be anyone from Aristotle to Eddy Izzard.
Topics can cover a wide variety of issues (excluding partisan politics) from plastic surgery, the quest for youth to evolution of music culture/with technology (Hey, I’m just throwing some ideas out there) or whatever you guys want to talk about.

I would be committed to not requiring more than 20-30 pages of reading. That means single chapters or articles to focus on only. Some examples include (readings from Foucault for Dummies or Great works of Philosophers in comicbook format), or on-line articles. I would send out an e-copy or link to everyone and we could meet once a month at a bar or some other seedy establishment and choose to talk about the stuff or not. Also I am open to any topics, authors, or items you would wish to bring up for discussion or argument... whichever is more appropriate.




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