Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Do you belong to the church of Google?

Information has be come our god.
Maybe that really frightens some people out there.

How many times a day do I pray to the Church of Google?
How many requests for the truth do I make?
Google knows all.
Google tells all.
It may not always be right, but neither were the attempts to augur the future from sheep’s intestines.

At least with Google I have some choices when it comes to the answers to my questions.

Google provides us with reassurance that there are others out there who have the same plight. How many times (in my old job) did I type in “”? How many countless drones in the corporate world have queried: “ My boss is an ass”? I know at least one person who did this on almost a daily basis.

Every human needs something too look up to maybe even forward to, most normally functioning humans need to feel like they belong to a group any group in order to exist peacefully in a society… if you can’t have god, maybe answers are better.

Things I ask Google:

Is Laura Bush a chain smoker?
Why are penguins black and white?
Do other people use Google daily the same way I do?
Are human beings all really genetically related? Is there an actual family tree?

(No wonder we fight with each other so much).


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