Monday, September 27, 2004

Do you remember that kid you went to gradeschool with who invariably wet their pants with glee everytime the teacher or sub made everyone take that “following instructions” quiz. I can remember them sitting in class, so zealously attentive as the teacher begun softly, “Take out a piece of lined notebook paper and put your name at the top of the page…” I usually fell asleep sometime during the course of the instructions and later awoke to find that I had left a tiny puddle of drool on my notebook paper.

I wish that I was more organized, more concerned with optimizing procedures. Did I say this? I must be dreaming a dream where I’m happy with droning along at work. Obviously, if I had taken the EQ (Emotional Quotient) test as a child I would have eaten my marshmallow on the spot instead of saving it for future eating and receiving another marshmallow on top of that. This explains, of course why I have not made my first million.

My team-mate has left on sabbatical and I’m now covering for her. Yes, she’s had this role for a number of years so of course she’s a whiz at getting things done. I really was amazed and almost rendered inadequate at how quickly she’d push things out. Now the project teams will have to deal with klunky me trying to get things out in time while learning all the processes. I feel like Max Klinger when he took over for Radar O’Reilly as clerk for the MASH 4077.
I'll get to things, I'll learn how to do them and do them well, but I just can't do execute tasks with the same sort of zeal and passion that some people here seem to be able to muster.


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