Thursday, September 09, 2004

I just want to know how to build a pre-loader for Christsake!

I don't want to read a half-baked anecdote about your insomnia and addiction to caffeine. If I run into another flash tutorial where the author/developer attempts to display their wit and humor in their lame attempts at storytelling, I will scream.

I just want to get my job done.

I guess I'll just have open someone else's flash files and dissect them again. Maybe they should teach more people how to tinker around with things in school. The problem is in this place... you're expected to know how to fix everything, build everything, automate everything, learn languages and applications on the fly and get your project management/meeting work done at the same time. I'm still hiding out in the outskirts of work responsibility here, hoping that they won't assign me to any committees. Work force committee, eLearning committee, automation committee, functional excellence committee, committee committee. I want to be like Buster from Arrested Development (not seen, not heard... but I still just want to get my job done).


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