Sunday, September 19, 2004

Oktoberfest - Mt. Angel, OR

Oy, was I bad last night... though not as bad as I have been on previous Oktoberfests. I couldn't help it... the sausage, schnitzel, potatos, sauerkraut, apple-cake, marzipan and roasted nuts... German cooking is some of the best homey cooking on the planet. And happily I washed it down with two Spaten Oktoberfestbiers.. rich, amber sweetness with a warm nuttiness (like me). I'm not a true beer lover, but I prefer German beers over the NW microbrew... I mean I don't want lemon or raspberries in my beer. I ordered a beer not a fricking fruit salad.

Nevertheless, I waddled out of the Oktoberfest like Templeton the Rat because a fair is indeed a Smorgasborg. Of course, I have to pay for my sins by slaving on the tread mill for an extra two to three hours this week, but hell... it was worth it!


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