Monday, September 20, 2004

Prices are rising

We went shopping at Target yesterday, and I noticed that the prices of some of the items we normally purchase were higher by anywhere from 50 cents to 5 dollars. I found myself having to buy cheaper or go without. This troubles me, as it's clear that if I'm not buying items then other people are probably not at all. What is this doing to our economy?

I love to buy things and spend just as much as the next woman, but even now, I'm finding that I have to be more cautious about what I buy. To me this spells disaster for small businesses or specialty shops. If I'm not spending on their products, people who make as much or less are probably not either.

Are people just sheep?
Can't they see this?
And the gas prices? I suppose they've gotten used to those as well. All for a matter of National Security.

I must say I overheard a comment once from someone in the office who'd just purchased a large SUV. She was so worried that someone would scratch or vandalize her car. "They just don't understand, that when you have two kids, a family, you just need a larger car."

Really, I thought, when I was very young ( younger than 12), my mother had nothing more than a station wagon to haul around two kids and a cantankerous husband, and we did fine. Too bad, with prices rising as they are those SUV lovers will not be able to fill the trunks and storage areas of their car with as much booty from Target or SMall-mart.

I know I'm slipping into a political argument here, but I awoke sick to my stomach this morning... after hearing on the radio that the ludicrous monkey in the White House and Kerry are not so far engaging in any debates? What's this? No Presidential debates... what are both sides afraid of? I know exactly what Bush's Campaign is afraid of either his skull will implode while he's up at the podium or some godawful blunder will escape his lips and frighten the undecided to Kerry's wing. Isn't that sad? And his supporters never fail to come up with some half-baked excuse for the President's lack of verbal ability: "He's a man of the people," or "He's just informal when he speaks."

I just cannot believe that someone who needs so much assistance to sound good or even appear to have command over his words can actually lead this country.

Am I confusing the president's verbal failings with his ability to make decisions that effect our economy? Maybe his track record speaks for itself. It is clear that his efforts or the efforts of his office do nothing or little to benefit those of us who make less that 250,000 even 60, 000 a year. Strange too how jobs from even 40,000 to 60, 000 are disappearing.

The President's campaign's rebuttal for the opposition's cry that they are not lifting a finger to better the economy is simply: that's an old and tired argument. Can you believe this??! That people will simply agree with them? He's bringing it up you obtuse and fatheaded rich fucks because it is an issue that matters a great deal to the American public, especially those whose businesses, jobs, and livlihoods are threatened by the increasingly shitty economy.

It seems that more than ever politics is about hiding, diverting... and either those jack asses in the White House are getting sloppy about hiding their efforts, or people simply don't care anymore.


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