Monday, September 20, 2004

Understanding the opposition

From this morning, I did spout off a lot, and I’ve been feeling terribly frustrated about the events and surrounding the Presidential elections. And I should watch my language when I speak of such things, I discovered that I’m no different from the folks in various chat rooms and bulletin boards who cannot make sense of things and therefore reacts to their confusion and powerlessness with violence and truculent behavior.

I’m finding as many Americans are that when a line is drawn so close to the middle in a political race, both sides will start to play nasty and use whatever is in their chest of dirty tricks to woo the undecideds over to their camp. However, from what I’ve seen or observed lately, both sides seem to be afraid to attack each other because they don’t want to upset the current standing they have in the polls. Despite this, it seems that the camps lines are drawn and the hot liquid from the zealous on either side is now percolating towards an explosive point. I’ve looked at discussion groups from both sides and it seems that many of the people bothering to comment on these sites are experiencing the same lack of censorship that I did this morning when it comes to expressing the their astonishment at the opposition’s position.

I’m also finding that when teams are drawn so firmly as they are in this election, a perception is grown on both sides that the opposition is driven by people with the capacity of a village idiot. Simply, each side believes that the arguments for supporting their candidate are right and the facts are so set in black and white they cannot understand or even bring themselves to understand why the other side would even vote as they would.

So what are we supposed to do now. If you’ve picked a side… and intend to vote. I suppose the most you can do is simply vote. If you must argue with the folks on the other side of the fence. It does help to be able to back up your arguments with facts and statistics, stories. Most of all, it would benefit anyone from either side to avoid engaging in any angry and heated arguments.

I’m done sitting on the fence to observe… I’ll get down for now.

From what I saw of the TechRepublic forum on voting for GW:

Initially, it seemed to me that this site was dominated by Republican hardballers.. then I saw a few people attempting to argue against them.

Apparently the Conservatives are pretty hip about using pop-culture references…

Cool-aid or more properly Kool-Aid ™ is used to refer to the liberal rhetoric of spilling out the same thing over and over again. I really haven’t seen anything from their camp which explains in good detail how Bush intends to deal with the loss of jobs or the cost of the current war, or are they even willing to address these issues as facts.

One thing I did notice about looking through this forum… other than the fact that a large number of other tech employees both conservative and liberal are spending time to read all the vitriol on these sites and respond to it… was that the same folks usually spend their time arguing on this site and their names appear consistently through the different branches of arguments.

Finally, the most important thing I learned from perusing through the postings on a political forum… was that you learn absolutely nothing except that there are a lot of illiterate and angry people out there with a lot of time on their hands. That or they're being paid to bait people to come to the site and lay down their two cents… and by thus doing so they are subjected to the flashing advertisements on the page.


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