Friday, October 08, 2004

That's what I heard Cheney say during the debate the other day instead of
He was of course referring to

By the way is a great resource. It's about time, and I wish I'd come upon this earlier. I've about had it with ALL political advertisements on the television. Every channel runs ads on all issues, measures, and candidates, and the majority of the ads set a bad spin on the opposition. You can't escape even one commercial break without having to watch/listen to some negative comment. The media has cursed us by running pieces emphasizing that negative ads have a lasting impact on the public. Many of the ads try to push viewpoints on measures out using 'surprising' proponents and spokes people:

***John Kerry is mocking the sacrifices made (in Vietnam) by our dead husbands***
***We're gay and we don't need to be married - We have plenty of health-care benefits - One man/One Woman*** (I want to counter these signs with one that simply says One Donkey/One Midget)

***It's okay to cut down trees it means 1 billion dollars in income for the state***

***Cutting down trees is bad, it threatens the water supply for 1 out of 10 families in the state***
***Insurance companies who have everything to gain put out the ads you've seen supporting this measure***

Ahhhhhhhrg! MAKE IT STOP!

All of it adds to the pollution on the tube. I just want to watch Entertainment Tonight in peace!

On another note, I am glad that more people including myself are taking the time to be more politically aware and active, regardless of their stance. The apathy that came with the 90's is dead, and that is comforting.


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