Tuesday, October 26, 2004

God, is that what most people want?

eharmony is baloney...

They put these ads out with supposingly 'normal' looking heterosexual couples who offer their testimonies:

"I had just about given hope..."
"I couldn't believe that we had all the same desires and hopes and dreams."
"I was looking for someone who was just like me."

"I just knew that she was out there."

I can't help but think... that's what I was looking for in a partner when I was... eighteen. Well, if it works for them... so be it.

I'd like to re-work the eHarmony commercial... so it would read something like this:

MAN: Someone with a Ron Jeremyesque sort of appeal
WOMAN: Neurotic, macrobiotic "Log Lady" in the making

"I'd about had it with dating prick after prick."
"I really couldn't understand why all these women were telling me that I had a problem. Look at me, do I look like I have a problem?"
"They would always tell me I had an eating disorder, a personality disorder... some kind of disorder"

"She's the one with the _ _ _ _ing problem!"
"It really doesn't matter anymore. I live for my cats Juliette and Sweetie."
"I felt that I just couldn't find the kind of woman who was ideal for me. Someone who would accept ME for who I am. I mean look at me."


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