Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I've been working on writing about a few subjects...

  • Plastic surgery
  • Starlettes naming their children after fruit or other food items
  • Food being to the people today what alcohol and tobacco were for people of the fifties
I've been working at home for the past few days because I've been sick with the flu. Thanks Chiron! Originally, I thought I would hate working at home because I have this tendency not to focus on things when I don't really have a reason or feel the pressure of people watching me do things. I only fell asleep over the training manuals twice while I was at home. Quite a surprise when you consider how ass-dropping boring the material is: Mainly factory process on a flowchart spanning 7, 11"x17" sheets. I gave up and pasted the monster up on a wall. My girlfriend came over this weekend and made fun of the new decor in my living room. Then she promptly screamed, "GEEK! Let's get out of here."

The worst part of it is I just cannot get into it. I start my way at the beginning of the chain and find myself a quarter way through the chart before having to move to another page... then back to the page where you started, then to another, then to the same one but you have to find the square that has a set of acronyms (which is short for I don't fucking know what that stands for). The acronyms are the worst because if you're cross referrencing the processes from two different groups they may use the same acronym for two different things. It's like winding your way through a bad Dr. Suess poem except you're filling out an insurance form while watching the math channel (though on second thought, the math channel might actually be more stimulating).

In the effort to try to get myself enthused with the project, I feed myself some bullshit, like: but this is all very exciting because we're dealing with processes that save or create millions of dollars in revenue... it's just enough to make me feel oooogy in my boots.... It just doesn't work.

Despite being unenthralled with the subject matter I seem to find my way through it, and get what needs to be done done.

I've decided that in the environment of the large corporation... Groups develop their own sets of acronyms the same way that people isolated on islands develop their own dialects. And the corporation (the body) is just that, it's a living organism which has major body parts or organs (groups) to carry out it's functions. Though lately the company is still recovering from the major shock of having our organs transplanted from a 3rd country donor. Not that there's anything wrong with the 3rd world.

Is there something wrong with me...?
Shouldn't I just be happy I have a job?
Shouldn't I be happy that I have a home?

What's worse is I have to work with a lot of people who seemingly enjoy and find great interest in what their doing? Maybe they're actually really good actors. I did start re-writing my resume again. But like so many others like me who are becoming disenchanted with working for a world that thinks it's okay to over-charge dual income households, because the chances are... they're working and too busy to complain about their bill over the phone. Or a culture that thinks it's okay to remove the source of income from the largest sector of society, then pray that business will be good because it will grow in foreign lands.

Begin with the marker-marker report,
If you don't have form A, go back to department F and request a smballah-malla,
But you must make sure that Item X has been entered into the system,
Don't you know you must have and itemized account in class ZXC-3- F in order to initiate that process...

On another note, I've noticed that I haven't been drinking lately which may explain the increased time I spend watching television. I've been thinking that for the most part, most humans need to have something that keeps them going. Until lately, television has done it's job in successfully numbing my senses and awing my intellect with the cavalcade of freaks in 'real folks' disguise.

Now, I've been shocked into political awareness out of the comfort and security of my apathy by current events and political commericials. And through it all I've become painfully aware that David Cross' I dunno faggot sector of society has reared it's ugly head into political prominence. I just received in the mail a flyer sponsored by public school teachers that tells me that classrooms will never be the same...because if the anti gay marriage law doesn't pass, they will teach my children about 'gay sex.' Well, I think, it's about time they were teaching someone about sex... maybe millions of women wouldn't have to quietly deal with the fact that they never had an orgasm because their husband or boyfriend didn't go down on them... or god forbid would have to learn how to have sex from a trashy magazine in the grocery store aisle way. If you don't learn about having sex then how can any one get pregnant properly and have to find themself marrying some ass-wipe jock and live as a painfully mis-matched couple well into your early thirties then suddenly realized that it's not going to work out go through a painful divorce. But then again, I'm just doing a little creative thinking here. I noticed that cover of this flyer features a suspicously Aryan looking little girl.

I wonder did the Nazi propagandists knew that if you made the sea of angry people look larger that it would frighten the middle class and the intelligensia into quiet submission.


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