Sunday, October 17, 2004

Just caught some blond bimbo on the e-channel (the eCourtroom girl)saying, they should build courtrooms big enough so that the who community could fit into them...
Really, I think they used to call these places public squares (where executions took place).

Came across this site which features a picture of Anne Coulter having her picture taken over Sen. Joe McCarthy's headstone. Where's the champagne flute... really, I think Anne would look quite lovely in a Nazi Fraulein Farbissina Outfit... with Carl Rove's fat baby lips kissing her leather boots.

If only McCarthy had not railed on Hollywood so hard (how foolish), they wouldn't be screaming McCarthyism in alarm so loudly whenever ever anyone like Coulter accused someone of treason. In a sense, McCarthy's persecution of folks in th entertainment industry left a legacy of distrust in the entertainment industry for government control. Maybe, too the whole McCarthy fiasco left a generation of Americans a littled jaded about giving government ultimate power to weed out 'it's enemies.' More, people have come to see people like McCarthy as caricatures of paranoid and domineering little freaks which delusions of grandeur.


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