Thursday, October 28, 2004

My mother always told me not to trust anyone who has to yell to get their point across. Sadly, through most of our adolescence, my brother and I felt that we had to raise our voices in order to get our Dad to listen to us. Not that he would have listened if we had spoken to him in normal tones. As I got older I found that the best way to communicate with our father was to use a lowered tone of voice, but repeat myself over and over again.

It seems that people like Tucker Carlson and John O'Neill (NotSoSwiftBoat) feel that yelling loudly and interrupting is the best way to get their point across on television. Now it seems that when ever you disagree with people of Carlson & O'Neill's ilk they like to label you as a "Liberal," but you see that's half their charm, they're able to draw a big fat line to distiguish what's good and what's bad. I'm inclined not to trust anyone who tells me off the bat that any political issue mired in complexity is simple. It's almost as if anyone who has such an argument must yell to get their point across just to distract you from realizing that their argument is at fault.

The news was pretty frightening today…
  • The Bin Laden video tape claiming responsibility for the 9/11 attacks
  • A dead body found in Iraq (supposedly belonging to the Japanese hostage)
  • The British inquiry into the claim that the US led attack on Iraq resulted in 100,000 deaths (this seems like a high number even to me)
  • IRS accuses the NAACP of foulplay
  • A store owner in Portland chastised by the Department of Homeland Security Officers for having Rubik’s cubes with illegal copyrights?!

I know part of my recent symptoms of troubled stomach, etc. have most likely been influence by the fact that I’ve been addicted to the news lately, and I should probably reduce my intake of the news. And as I read through these stories part of me still thinks that I’m being fed pabulum for manipulation. I wonder how many of the events are not serendipitous, but, in fact planned for effect. Why the hell are they (Homeland Security) busting toystores for bad puzzles?!


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