Sunday, October 17, 2004

News Clippings... or Droppings

You want us to do what?!

I just watched a Republican Rep from South Carolina insist that this is the reason why we must pass the bill to add funding to the war. It sounds terribly suspicious to me... like a set up?

Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat who was called by some of the soldiers' relatives, called for a congressional inquiry into the soldiers' complaints and how they are being treated.
"President Bush and his administration have taken the position that the troops are well-armored," Thompson said. "However, this is a prime example of how out of touch this administration is with the needs of our troops."

Some of the troops' concerns were being addressed, military officials said. But a coalition spokesman in Baghdad noted that "a small number of the soldiers involved chose to express their concerns in an inappropriate manner, causing a temporary breakdown in discipline."

McCook said her husband did not feel comfortable taking his soldiers on another trip.
"He told me that three of the vehicles they were to use were 'deadlines' ... not safe to go in a hotbed like that," she said, The Clarion-Ledger reported.

Kerry Inserts Foot Into Mouth... or at least he should have before opening it:
I thought it was a cheap shot to bring up the Cheney chick, but look at what this election has reduced everyone to.

In response, Lynne Cheney said that it reveals John Kerry as someone who is basically, "...not a nice person." Mr. Cheney has said that this is a man who will do anything, say anything in order to get himself elected. This example seems to bear that out.

America, FUCK Yeah!
Why are Parker and Stone so good an expressing everything I've ever thought about this country.

Stone: I think that when Trey wrote "America! F -- , Yeah!" -- that song? That, to me, encapsulates it. We could talk for hours about America's overzealous stance overseas, but there's also, you know, "America! F -- , Yeah! " too. And somehow that song encapsulates an hourlong conversation. When people ask me, "What's your attitude about America?" I think of Trey's song. That's the perfect way to put it. It's awesome, and you have to admit it's also a little cheesily testosterone-driven at the same time ...

Sean Penn is Retarded in Real Life Too!

We read the memo posted on the Drudge Report the other day and thought that Penn was only further illustrating Parker and Stone's point. That and the fact that he didn't have a complete grasp on how to write in English correctly or effectively. Sean Penn is a satirist's dream come true! Cheers to Trey and Matt because like the beloved wiseasses you sat in the back of high school health class and made fun of the PE teacher because they didn't really understand human anatomy, they've pointed out yet again that the Media, celebrities, politicians and the whole lot are fighting over the votes and attention from the lowest common denominator and in the process they end up talking down to the rest of us. Wow, sounds a lot like teaching in an American Public School.

Parker: I mean, I just don't understand. If he really is pissed, why would he do us that huge of a favor? I mean, seriously, there is nothing he could've done to help this movie more.


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