Monday, October 11, 2004


I am having such a terrible time focusing on work this morning. I walked into my cubicle in a sour mood. The surrounding noise, folks on teleconference, aisle-way conversations, even the whirring of my laptop was getting to me. I feel a slight buzzing that’s sure to progress into a mild migraine by the end of the day. Now, I can't explain why I was so sensitive and cranky other than the customary Monday morning hangover. I don’t drink on Sundays, it’s just that I’m so intoxicated and estatic to be at home on the weekend and engulfed in whatever is going on or NOT going on at home. When I am at home I am in a different space or dimension. I feel extremely protective of this space and have begun to see any encroachment upon work time into this sanctuary as extremely distasteful, and I resist it accordingly.

The only think that seemed to calm me down this morning was to put on my headsets and listen to my CD of Biwa and Koto music…. Shit, it looks like I have an additional meeting scheduled that I hadn’t planned for. I suppose the anxiety that comes up with the ‘catch-up’ time is the price I have to pay to keeping my sanctuary holy.


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