Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sorry, Otto. No more rich Italian cusine for you.

Ahhhhhrg... I had to fork another 90 bucks at the animal clinic because Dr. Otto had another vomitting fit last night, despite the boiled chicken and rice diet the vet put him on. I was told that even feeding him a fourth of his normal portion may have been too much for his stomach's delicate condition. The Vet's guessing that Otto's tummy troubles stem from the night he sneaked on the table and scarfed a large portion of the baked Penne with Vodka sauce while no one was looking. Okay, so my dog has bad manners, it only figures with me as his primary role model. In any case, the rich nature of the sauce, cheese and spices in the sausage probably gave him a mild case of pancreatitis, which even in a mild state must suck because he decided this morning that he would not even allow water to be brought near him. To counter his resistance the vet gave him a large dose of fluids injected subcutaneously. His orders: NO FOOD OR WATER GIVEN ORALLY FOR 24 HOURS. AFTER 24 HOURS PERSCRIPTION FOOD TO BE GIVEN IN VERY SMALL PORTIONS EVERY FEW HOURS.

Within the last hour or so, I've seen the little guy looking around for his misplaced food and water dish... and also sniffing the floor in search of any tidbits to eat. NO LUCK PAL. Oh well, at least he's hungry which means he's getting better.


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