Sunday, October 03, 2004

Vegas Vacation

Honestly, we would have never visited these places if we didn't have perhaps the best guide in Vegas. We visited a few places where no tourist should go unaccompanied by a Vegas native.

The Peppermill
Disney meets Disco Omega Man. This has got to be the last cool place in Vegas. Fare is decent but the decor is unspeakable.

Peppermill Coffee Shop
2985 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109-1930
United States

Luv-it Custard:

Once you've tried it all other frozen desserts taste like they're made of skim milk and gelatin. Despite being dairy-challenged I ate an entire double serving. I don't know how to describe what it tasted like or the affect it had on me (while I was eating it) without being obscene. I cried after I ate the last spoonful.

Double Down Saloon: The Happiest Place on Earth
I think my barfly days are over and I'm cured. In fact, I think I inhaled enough second hand smoke during this vacation to cover the rest of my days on this world and then some. Half of the cigarette smoke I consumed during this three day vacation came from sitting this bar for about 30 minutes. Bras hang from the ceiling and the some of the signs on the wall read:
Ass Juice $2.00, Well Drinks and Bloody Mary's $3.00
I ->Heart<- Mormon Pussy
Bacon Martini $5.00

I didn't ask.

Komol Kitchen :
827 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas

This is best Thai food I've eaten in this country. Really, I thought that I'd been all Thai-ed out by some of the humdingers in or around Portland. I'd sit there stirring my fork in a humid and stale peanut sauce clearly made with Jiff and canned peppers thinking, does everyone here have fucking anasmia!? This stuff tastes like shit (literally). In contrast, Komol Kitchen beats most Northwest Thai restaurants. Their eight page menu carries the biggest variety of Thai dishes I've seen. Maybe everything tasted so divine because of the love and care invested in preparing the fresh, fresh ingredients. Here, you will not find dried pieces of kaffir lime leaves or galangal root floating in your food. The coconut soup or Tom Yum Kha set at medium heat sends one off on a transcendental or at least cleansing experience when eaten a top sticky jasmine rice. I was lucky enough to try the fried spinach and sweet potatoes with the restaurants freshly made hot mustard. Even their eggplant with garlic and blackbean sauce was incredible. And if you'd like you can order red rice with your meal. RED!
The prices are reasonable.

Vegas is a place where a sixteen year old girl can walk on the strip with FUCK YOU tatooed on the small of her back, or where people can shove inordinate amounts of Costco grade food in their gulllets. There's something about Vegas that shrinks my libido and appetite and makes me extra obsessive compulsive about washing, but at least in the few days we spent there we were able to see a Vegas apart from the stinky strip and eat outside of the substandard stuff-your-face buffet.

I think they should have a casino with the Seven Deadly Sins as the main theme. Though obviously Vegas is the House of the Seven Deadly Sins. Don't get me wrong, I believe, To Sin is Human, but this place is too much. Blech.


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