Wednesday, October 06, 2004


The Reps seem to want to paint a rosier picture of our economy. I can't help but think... they expect us to be smoking something to stomach their view of the state of our economy... or to accept their overall picture of reality. Is it me or are they painting an alternate view of the way things are?

Maybe they think that we're willing to sacrifice our jobs and hard earned dollars simply for the sake of keeping us safe? Safe?!

After all we can all get jobs selling crap on eBay.

And Saddam may not have had weapons of mass 'disruption,' but he was probably going to build them anyway.

And we should teach our teenagers to practice abstinence (just like Brittany) instead of teaching them what a damn condom is and how to use one... because they will of course abstain. Why don't they just hand out cat o nine tails with the kotex kits they pass out in the sixth grade. Wait thanks to all the hormones in our food they've started passing the kits out in the fourth grade. If they allow the schools to pass them out at all.

I'm at the point where my head feels like exploding just because... they have the gall to use logic akin to that used by witch-drowning Pilgrims.

But then again I'm beginning to believe (so be it if they call me mental or paranoid) that it's all part of the conservatives' grand plot by the : Let's say something so stupid that the opposition's heads will just implode from astonishmnent... the sheep will swallow it all anyway.

How dumb do they think we are?!


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