Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Why won't Otto eat?

My poor pup has been refusing food and water. I'm taking him to the vet today in a few mintues. He did drink about a half tea-cup full of water and eat a few bits of a chicken flavored cookie, but he's pretty much won't take in anything. He seems fairly okay, as he still runs around and barks and squeeks as usually, but then he slows down and he seems to have a tired look in his eye.

We woke up at 4AM a two nights ago because he was vomitting. I thought it was because he'd stolen a piece of paper towel from the garbage. I got most of it away from him but the little devil of course snatched a small piece the size of a quarter and swallowed it.

So I've been working from home on a training plan for work until the vet appointment I've secure, but I have not access to the company intranet. It's kind of nice working in isolation without being hassled by the barrage of e-mails I get each day.

My mother called me this morning to check on O's progress. She asked me if I watched the PBS documentary on the presidential candidates, and I replied that I did. I am becoming more and more convinced that the President's power comes completely from the extremely competent and dogged machine that surrounds him. This frightens me a bit because it's clear that they will use every trick they can find in the 'Book of Slander' to defeat their enemy. They tacitly support groups such as the Swift Vote..I mean Boat campaign. As I've noted before, they clearly screen the audiences to their affairs to create an atmosphere of 'exuberant' idolatry surrounding the President. They do not make too many public (and therefore unmanageable) appearances and they launch far more press conferences to counter the debates compared to the opposition's campaign because after all it's all in the spin. And this party has mastered the art of spin like no other. There's something eerily NAZI-like about all of this. Of course, if anyone had a brain who reads this, they'd understand that I'm not calling the president a NAZI. Though I can help but imagine Goebbels would be applauding from his grave. Still that would be as unfair a comparison as comparing the US position in Iraq to that of the Allies during WWII.


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