Monday, November 08, 2004

Do you ever wonder why the conservative Christian extremists who dominate the Republican party (including Ludicrous George) dismiss the scientific proof that (or insist that their unfounded statistics to back their propaganda) that Global Warming is wreaking havoc on this planet?

1. They don't believe or trust science as their religion prohibits them from doing so
2. They don't care if the world ends because they're saved... AMEN!
3. If there are major catastrophes that wipe out scads of people that's okay because... Yes, you guessed it, they're saved.

I still don't understand how people who claim to be moderates... the soccer moms, the middle class educated who voted for the Original Ape can't see the influence of the Christian Far Right's backward agenda.

People around me all speak of moving to another country, but I really don't think that's the right attitude to have. I won't lie and say it didn't cross my mind. The people of the right who want to force their agenda down our throats (and they still insist that a large majority of the population supports them) may claim dominance. However, last I checked it was still a little less than a half who voted in favor of the conservative Christian agenda and the president who supports it.

What worries me is that with legislation (clouded) in the Patriot Act can make it possible or easier for the government to take action against those who are 'perceived' to be their enemies. People could loose their jobs or have their property taken away from. We've been raised (at least I was) in a pretty cushy world where we assumed that our rights were inalienable. However, when we're dealing with the far right here, and they've always stricken me as people who are big or at least silent proponents for the old ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS adage.


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