Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Glass half full

Only Beethoven's Eroica is giving me any solace today. That and the understanding that at least half of the country feels the same way I do...
Too many people are crying in anguish about the election results and complaining that people did not mobilize enough. Others lament and express their disbelief in the number of people who seem to be manipulated by the barrage from the extremist/conservative media. Dan Rather last night joked offhand that the lawyer interviewed should remain in touch because they (CBS) may need him in the near future. The outcome of this election, though as of now it is not solidly defined, can only tell me that the right-wing has made their agenda known and will do what they can in the next few years to push it even further as the American agenda (supported by everyone in this country).

Me? I want to remain optimistic and NOT fall victim to the defeatist attitude that I formerly subscribed to. Honestly, I'm not sure what needs to be done right now, or the direction we need to go, but I know that the key is to plan and think ahead be wary of the direction this country is going in and not become distracted by consipiracy theories or obsessed with what we perceive to be repression. I'm still not completely convinced that we need to beat the extremists at their own nasty game. Somehow I think elevating the playing field might help our strategy.

So, Ms. Counting Sheep has made a list of things to do today and so have I:
  1. Know that 1/2 of the country shares your beliefs
  2. Be prepared to define and defend your point of view and be able to back it up using both persuasive arguments and hard facts
  3. Never let anyone tell you that your arguments are not rationally based
  4. Never let someone yelling at me win. Use quiet dismissal of their arguments
  5. Be happy that you can still think and speak freely
  6. Defend the right to do so

Margaret Cho brings up some good points:


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