Sunday, November 28, 2004

If ignorance is bliss

These people must be high on the air that fills the space between their heads.

I don't completely agree with those who assert that all people who voted for the Assinine Primate are dumb as boxes. Claiming that 51% of Americans are idiots is as productive as asserting that 49% of them are all radical left-wing hacks. So I have really tried hard not to reinforce the idea that all Bush supporters are irrational and ignorant extremists; however, I find it difficult to do so when I see the pictures posted on YoureWelcomeEveryBody. Firearms are regularly featured throughout a number of the pictures featured on this site. No, it's not really surprising.

I myself am a supporter of the responsible ownership of firearms. I would rather believe that people should be expected to understand that guns are tools which can be used and kept responsibly. It seems to me that when you surround guns with an attractive mystique of fear and power or insist that they are the instruments of evil, you make them even more attractive to play with (especially to children and easily misled adults). You should be more afraid of the crazy folks who can easily own and purchase these guns than the guns themselves.

However, I still don't believe that I need to pose in a picture with a gun in order to protect my right to have one.

I do think that Sorryeverybody & the We'reNotSorry (note this site was already sold for profit) type websites both serve one purpose. They seek to assauge the supporters of either side by asserting that they indeed are not alone in believing as they do. SorryEverybody insists that the world supports the viewpoints of the Democratic ticket... they support the view of the United States pictured in the United States of Canada vs. Jesusland. The YoureWelcomeEveryBody site postings regularly feature pictures of the map in which red is featured throughout the entire map of the country with the few tiny exceptions of the urban areas throughout the United States. Again, I hate to sound like a broken record, but this is a common tactic of any group (left or right) who wants to win... convince everyone else that everyone believes as you do... as you can only assure yourself victory if people believe that your opinion is supported almost unanimously.

I'm starting to believe that a more microstrategy will be necessary in order to conquer and tame the American voter.


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